Exercise Group & Meetings

We have started an exercise group so Parkinson's patients can maintain the strength they currently have. We typically meet at the Guttenberg Hospital in the Community Room on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month. Everyone is welcome to our exercise group (even if you don't have Parkinson's), and all attendees are encouraged to participate!

The exercise group starts at 6:00, and typically lasts 30 minutes. The group is led by Kim Franzen, a physical therapist from the Guttenberg Hospital. Kim is also certified in LSVT (specialized Parkinson's therapy). 

Address of the Guttenberg Hospital: 200 Main St. Guttenberg, IA  52052

Due to COVID, all exercise groups have been cancelled! Stay tuned to see if we can start back up in later 2021!
In the meantime, if you are a Parkinson's patient, and need financial assistance with a gym membership, or at-home exercise equipment, please reach out to us!


Our non-profit organization was formed in 2016 by several local families. We have been directly impacted by family members who currently are diagnosed with Parkinson's or who have passed away from Parkinson's. We formed this group because we want to help others that are affected by this disease.

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Parkinson's Awareness of Clayton Co.

T: (563) 252-3518

E: parkinsonclaytoncounty@gmail.com

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